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υποβρύχιος ανιχνευτής

  • Sale

    The company “AR METAL DETECTORS” is the only company authorized by NOKTA MACRO Detectors in Albania and Kosovo! Beware of unauthorized products and suppliers when purchasing a Nokta Macro Detector ! Originality, instructions and warranty are provided by Nokta Macro Detectors and Authorized Companies!   FEATURES   Waterproof (IP 67) Use it on land and […]

    140.00 165.00  Including tax
  • garrett sea hunter mark II

    GARRETT SEAHUNTER MARK II underwater metal detector A favorite SEAHUNTER MARK II detector for treasure divers around the world because of its ability to ignore salt water, the Sea Hunter’s electronic housing can be mounted on the hip or above, below or under the cuff in either short or long configuration. Highly Recommended for Surf […]

    820.00  Including tax