LONDON 1000 Dowsing Pendulum

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Product Description

LONDON 1000 Dowsing Pendulum


LONDON 1000 The pendulum is made to undertake professional investigations of buried objects. It guarantees spectacular results in any investigation.

It is one of the more expensive models of our company. Features chamber. It has been built as a replica of the unique pendulum found in ancient Egypt.

LONDON 1000 may immediately adopt emissions buried valuables such as gold, silver, coins, jewelry, diamonds, etc. leading operator in the points objects.

The LONDON 1000 on each target identified reacts with specific moves in revealing the identity of the object. The operator is the only one who can identify the target interpreting the pendulum moves.


london 1000 pendulum



Valuable user tips on London 1000 pendulum.

Once you get in London 1000 should follow some basic steps to becoming a valuable tool in your hands. Leave some time to adapt the body to the ground.

Relax and let the instrument do the work, do not constrict instead let alone to work it.

You will notice that the instrument will start moving back and forth in the direction of the target. Will pull more to the subject than in the opposite direction.

The move will not be large-scale. Only a percentage of an inch in some cases, but this figure may be enough to show a great treasure. Care should be taken to edit all of the device reactions with the best possible way. When you have confirmed the direction head toward it and try again to get the right direction. The attractions of London 1000 pendulum is unique with great precision.

You can use the triangulation method.

When you are over the target London 1000 pendulum will operate in a circular motion.

When looking for something small in a huge space stand at the center of the space, the London 1000 is able to guide you with great accuracy in the target that can be buried or hidden in the ground.

Once you learn the moves that London 2 pendulum makes you are able to make your research and find that you have put on your mind.

High Quality Construction.

This pendulum is used by many esotericists researchers for intellectual pursuits through questions and answers. Inspired by the unexplained and paranormal. Used for a particular case intellectual diagnoses patients with great results in technical questions and answers.

The London 1000 detects surface and buried targets at greater distance from 1000 meters to any atmospheric conditions in the study area.

The London 1000 dowsing pendulum is plated with 24K gold-resistant coating on the surface, both in the pendulum itself and the chain link. This creates strong attraction to gold targets and perfect distinction when there are other kinds of metals in research.



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